RK Media has four companies under its name. Mr. RK is the proprietor of RK Promotions, Panasa Media and Ravi Panasa Film Corporations and the director for Panasa Media India Pvt Ltd. RK Media Promotions is a versatile media company that is involved in media and innovative services. RK Media provides services including but not limited to event planning and management, celebrity management, In-film advertising, endorsements, and promotions, corporate film production, TVCs, media and marketing consultancy, conference and exhibition management, media and entertainment sponsorships, PR and corporate communications, conventional and new media advertising, and event management. RK Media caters to companies across industries that need event management. They take care of everything beginning from pre-event publicity right up to post-event analysis. All the nitty-gritty details of logistics, catering and on-site management are also offered under event management. RK Media has several years of expertise with the leading names in the industry.  When it comes to public relations (PR), RK Media takes on all the responsibilities right from image building to corporate communications when it comes to PR. Their approach is very hands-on and client-centric. Ravi Kumar Panasa’s expertise comes in handy who explain why RK Media has so many clients across many industries and verticals.  

RK Media has grounded its steps in marketing consultancy too. Strategic marketing solutions are one of RK Media’s strengths. They offer customized solutions to business to improve their ROI. This is possible due to the extensive research that goes into coming up with unique strategies tailored to each and every company. RK media is also involved in film promotions. Since CEO Ravi Kumar Panasa has his roots in the film industry, RK Media has unrivaled expertise in organizing national and regional film promotions. This service also extends to corporate who want to produce compelling videos intended for advertisement.     For advertising and branding; RK Media offers a whole range of services to young companies and start-ups to get the word out there. They provide cost-effective campaigns designed to fit the company's budget. Initially, RK Media was solely based on film promotion and production but has since branched into various creative and media services that small and medium scale businesses require. The Public Relations experience is still being put to good use as RK Media offers those services as well. The success of RK Media can be chalked up to Ravi Kumar Panasa’s tenacious and vivacious attitude, his enduring spirit and love for innovation. His exhaustive and extensive knowledge of PR tactics, advertising and understanding the needs of businesses is what puts RK Media Promotions head and shoulders above the competition. RK Media holds the hands of its business partners and makes sure that they grow with RK Media and flourish in this dynamic world.



Your concept our voice, Your ideas our design,  Your events our venues, RK Media stands still for you!

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